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Three Years later ... [Jul. 25th, 2012|10:16 pm]
I have forgotten that I had this site! I will try and start posting stuff on this site! So much has happened, I don't know where to begin!
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Mating Season [Sep. 5th, 2008|08:49 pm]
I have chapter Seven to
Mating SeasonCollapse )
And that's all for now! Hope you like it!
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I'm back! [Sep. 5th, 2008|09:30 am]
I'm back and I'll start posting stories when I get around to it.
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Chapter Eight [Sep. 6th, 2007|02:13 pm]
Here is chapter eight to
Hope you like chapter eight!!
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New Stuff [Sep. 6th, 2007|02:08 pm]
Here is chapter seven toHope you like it!
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Chapter Two! [Aug. 17th, 2007|03:54 pm]
Here is
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New Stories [Aug. 17th, 2007|03:13 pm]
Here's another new story you might like called

AU When Jesse decides to volunteer at the Hospital, he meets a bipolar and personality disorder teen named Jaden. He keps on thinking Jesse is his dead female koi named Johan. JadenJesse onside of JadenJohan
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New Story [May. 1st, 2007|06:46 pm]
Here is a new story I thought you might like.

Jaden: The Fallen Angel of
By Kellyq
JessexJaden! I would like to tell a story about two pure souls and a fallen angel named Yubel. Shounen-ai!

I hope you like the new story of mine
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Chapter Six [Apr. 25th, 2007|06:32 pm]
In Jaden's ShadowCollapse )
Here is Chapter six to this story. Hope you like.
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Johan/Jesse [Apr. 15th, 2007|04:45 pm]
I guess it's okay that they changed the name, but Cobra's voice sent chills down my back. I'm also thinking about writing a Jaden/Jesse fic in the near furtur. We all know that they are going to be really close in the show. As for my Digimon story, I lost heart for it.  Sorry!
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